in Miskolc-Lillafüred, Hungary, 7-11 October, 2019..

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SESSION 13: Rheology and Modeling of Fluid Interfaces (RMFI)

Incompatible complex fluid interfaces are ubiquitous and appear most commonly in a number of formulations and products such as emulsion fuels, personal care products, food materials, polymer blends, etc. However, each of the above mentioned materials are engineered by the addition of a third component – so-called – additives. The purpose of the additives is to enable their formulation and to provide long-term stability, there by prolong the shelf life of products. The additives that are commonly used comprise of nano and colloidal particles, various types of surfactants, homo and hetero polymers. These additives when adsorbed at the interface of two fluids significantly alter the structure and mechanical properties of the interface. Therefore the measurement of structure and interfacial rheology of filled-complex fluid interfaces is of great interest to industries as well as in the fundamental study various physical phenomena in two-dimensions. Therefore there is enormous interest in the study of interplay between structure and interfacial rheology of interfaces containing particles, surfactants or polymers. 


This session of RMFI provides a platform for leading scientists and researchers to discuss recent results in the rheology and modeling of materials at fluid-fluid interfaces.




Dr. Basavaraja Madivala Gurappa

Indian Institute of Technology – Madras


E-mail: basa@iitm.ac.in


Prof. Dr. Do Hyun KIM

KAIST Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology




Session Topics


Interfacial rheology of particle laden interfaces

Development of new methadologies for the measurement of interfacial rheology

Extensional rheology at interfaces

Role of interfacial rheology in food and other industrial formulations 

Modeling of interfacial flow properties

Effect of particle anisotropy on interfacial flow behavior

Rheoology of emulsions

Relation between microstructure and rheology of filled interfaces

Interfacial rheology of polymeric systems


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