in Miskolc-Lillafüred, Hungary, 7-11 October, 2019..

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SESSION 2: Rheology and Modeling of Polymers (RMP)

Product life cycles are getting shorter, and rapid technological progress leads to development of large number of new polymeric material with tailored properties. The exact knowledge of the rheological behavior of polymer melts plays a crucial role in polymer processing. It is one of the critical parameters in the formation of the end product. Furthermore the rheological data have a particular importance in process simulation and flow modeling, which today are one of the key factors for successful polymer product development.

The rheological characterization of the polymer melts is complicated because there are many factors that affect the flow behavior, such as temperature, pressure, shear stress or shear rate, test time, fillers type and content, processing conditions in addition to molecular chain structure.

Rheological behavior of polymer melts is measured by a number of different methods and instruments under standard laboratory and industrial conditions.

The purpose of this session is to present the current investigations in the rheological characterization of the various thermoplastic polymer systems. In particular, it focuses on relationship between molecular structure and the flow behavior of polymers and bridges the gap between theory and practice/application. The session topics cover areas such as relationships between molecular structure and rheology, structure development during processing, modeling of polymer processing, use of rheological measurements to optimize processing, and influence of processing conditions on structural properties of product.

The session ARPM provides an excellent opportunity for attendees from industry, scientists, researchers, engineers and PhD students to participate in the scientific and technological developments in rheology.





Montanuniversitaet Leoben




Dr. Fernando OSORIO

Universidad de Santiago de Chile




Dr. András Szcs

Kecskemet College




Session Topics

Rheology of Thermoplastics and Elastomers

Rheology of Wood Plastic Composites

Rheology of two phase flows

Rheology of suspensions

Flow behaviou of feedstock for metal injection moulding

High shear rate capillary rheology

Processing rheology

Rheological instrumentation

Industrial applications of rheology

Elongation properties of polymer melts

Relationship between rheological properties and material structure

Polymer processing simulation and rheology

Flow phenomena

Non-linear viscoelastic behaviour and models

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