in Miskolc-Lillafüred, Hungary, 7-11 October, 2019..

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SESSION 3: Rheology of Foods and Dairies (RFD)

Foods are very important in our life as their preparation and quality have a strong influence on human well-being. Rheological measurements and modeling are used in the food industry for physical and mechanical characterization of raw materials, intermediate states, and final products. Indeed rheological measurements can elucidate the progress of the manufacturing process itself. Foods can be classified in accordance with their consistency and they form a wide variety of phases; solids, fluids, gels, suspensions, emulsions, foams, etc. These consistency properties influence technological processes and the design of processing equipment, as well as the preservation, packaging and storage of the materials.  There are a wide range of different experimental methods used to investigate rheological properties of raw materials, intermediates and finished products. In the last 5-10 years biophysicists, biochemists and food engineers have made significant progress in food rheology, not only in colloidal science and powder technology, but also in the research of the structural transformation of materials during thermal treatments, cooking and baking.


The RFD session will provide a platform among leading scientists and researchers in the fields of rheology, food and material sciences. The session will include food engineers, biologists, physicists, biophysicists, biochemists, mathematicians, industrialists, academics, students and PhD students. Recent achievements in rheology, microrheology, and material structures will be highlighted, in addition to research into the relationship between food processing technology and the physical, chemical, mechanical and aesthetical properties of foods.




Prof. Dr. Tatiana BOJNANSKA

Slovak University of Agroculture




Prof. Dr. Mahmut DOGAN

Erciyes University




Dr. Francesca R. Lupi

University of Calabria




Session Topics


Rheology and mechanical properties of food raw materials

Rheological behaviors of food raw materials under flow, mechanical stresses, temperatures and times

Rheological behaviors of intermediate and final products in food industry under mechanical stresses,  temperatures and times

Mechanical stress absorbing, dissipation and relaxation in raw materials, intermediate and final products of foods

Relationships between rheological properties, consistency, material structures and compositions of foods and their raw materials

Measurement methods and techniques used for study and examination of rheological properties and behaviors of food raw materials, intermediate and final products

Mechanical, mathematical and computer modeling and simulation of rheological properties and behaviors of food raw materials, intermediate and final products


All abstracts of scientific works related to methods and applications of rheological measurements, rheological modeling and material structures of foods are welcome in this session

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