in Miskolc-Lillafüred, Hungary, 7-11 October, 2019..

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SESSION 8: Rheological Fluid Mechanics (RFM)
(Including Micro and Nano Scale Phenomena)

The purpose of the Symposium is to provide a platform for the reporting of the latest results concerning issues related to various aspects of the rheological and flow properties of complex fluids and non-linear materials and in particular advanced materials for the 21st century. Fundamental issues such as flow instabilities, inverse problems in rheology, constitutive formulations for viscoelastic fluids and non-Brownian suspensions, electro-magneto-rheological fluids, thin films, suspensions, slurries, emulsions, oil field fluids, paper making fluids such as black liquor, laminar and turbulent flows of polymeric and other non-Newtonian liquids, are included as well as various transport processes, bubble motions, sprays, extrusion phenomena, fiber spinning, film blowing, industrial coatings, etc.

Micro and nano scale devices have emerged as routine tools in a variety of exciting applications in energy, environment, and medical fields. Electric and magnetic Phenomena are increasingly and extensively used for the design and optimization of micro and nano scale devices for a wide variety of mechanical, chemical and biological applications. Examples include biosensors, imaging systems, energy converters and harvesters, fuel cells, pharmaceutical test arrays, diagnostic tools, separations, drug delivery systems, andpoint-of-use test kits.

Areas of interest are not limited to these issues. Theoretical, numerical and experimental contributions are solicited.




Prof. Dr. Blaise NSOM

Universite de Bretagne Ocidentale




Prof. Dr. Dennis A. SIGINER

Botswana International University of Science and Technology




Prof. Dr. Satoshi  OGATA

Tokyo Metropolitan University




Session Topics


Laminar and turbulent flows of viscoelastic fluids, flow instabilities

Constitutive formulations for viscoelastic fluids and non-Brownian suspensions

Inverse problems in rheology

Electro-magneto-rheological fluids, ferrofluids

Thin films,

Suspensions, slurries, emulsions, oil field fluids, paper making fluids such as black liquor

Various transport processes

Bubble motions, sprays

Fluid mechanics of industrial processes: Extrusion, fiber spinning, film blowing, coatings

Micromechanical systems

Transport in biological and molecular systems

Electrokinetic phenomena

Dielectrophoresis and Magnetophoresis with linear and non-linear fluids

Electrochemical machining

Electric and magnetic fields for mechanical cleaning and finishing

Flow manipulation and control methods, micro and nano pumps and valves

Micro and nanotechnology assisted drug delivery, micro-needles, transdermal delivery devices, printing for personalized medicines


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